Campaign Issues

Our plan centers around three simple ideas:

Our children and young people deserve a quality public education.

Nevada has again ranked last in public education.  I will work to raise Nevada teacher pay above the national average so we can attract and keep the best teachers here. Southern Nevada significantly lags behind the rest of the country in the amount we spend on education per pupil.  This needs to change.  I will oppose any attempt to weaken our public schools by diverting public funds to subsidize private education. We also need to work to help Nevada college students facing mountains of debt by creating options to refinance and restructure current student loans to give them a decent chance at building a life in our communities after college.

I believe everyone has a right to high quality health care at every stage of their life.

From our children to our seniors, I believe everyone deserves access to quality, affordable healthcare, regardless of economic status.  Our plan will include preventative care, mental health services, reproductive health care, drug addiction treatment, prescription drug coverage and expand access in rural communities. I will work with the Democratic leadership in Nevada to fight for a publicly-administered, single-payer, universal health care system right here in our state.


Gun violence is a public health crisis.

We need to conduct real research to get to the root causes of this epidemic. We have great researchers, universities and health care facilities in our state.  We should study the public health impact of gun violence, so we can help develop the best solutions to stop these preventable tragedies from occurring. Nevada is strong, and despite federal inaction, we can and will lead the way in finding solutions.